Active Directory Domain Consolidations and Migration

Active Directory Domain Consolidations and Migration

You may have heard us discuss Active Directory domain consolidations or domain migrations in the past but there’s been significant recent progress in how we approach large consolidation projects. We call it Active Directory Unification and we’ve built new out of the box intelligence into our existing product set. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B. When you’re going domain consolidation ratio is in the neighborhood of 100:1 (or even 10:1), you’d better make sure you have deep visibility into what you migrate. One Active Directory domain is trouble enough. You don’t want a decade’s worth of unused groups, improper permissions, stale objects, and other junk – for EACH domain – being moved into your target Active Directory environment. Whether the goal is an improved security model, simplified management, reduced cost, regulatory compliance, or something else, let us tell you about how STEALTHbits is helping organizations with large scale Active Directory domain consolidations.

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