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Kevin Joyce is a Senior Technical Product Manager at STEALTHbits Technologies. He is responsible for building and delivering on the roadmap of STEALTHbits products and solutions. Kevin is passionate about cyber-security and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Forensics from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.
RID Hijacking: When Guests Become Admins

RID Hijacking: When Guests Become Admins

Securing Windows workstations and servers should be a priority for any organization; preventing a machine from getting compromised and being used to move laterally within an environment is a major concern. What happens when a machine is already compromised? A persistence method called ‘RID Hijacking’ is a way for an attacker to persist within your environment by granting the Guest account, or another local account, local administrator privileges by ‘hijacking’ the RID (relative identifier) of the Administrator account. Creating persistence…

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