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Author: Paul Mendoza

Paul is a graduate of William Paterson University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. He considers himself to be a computer enthusiast and enjoys learning and being involved with different types of technologies.  At STEALTHbits, Paul is part of the Professional Services team, where he gets to work with and assist many clients. Paul also enjoys working on personal development projects and is currently learning the art of data science.
How to Restore Deleted Active Directory Objects

How to Restore Deleted Active Directory Objects

AD Installation Overview As the primary authentication service in the majority of organizations worldwide, the health and operational integrity of Active Directory has a direct impact on the overall security of your organization. The capability to rollback and recover from changes to your Active Directory infrastructure, whether accidental or malicious, is an important and often overlooked aspect of your ability to maintain the security and performance of your network When Active Directory objects are deleted, they are placed in the Deleted…

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