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Author: Spencer Stewart

Spencer Stewart is a Senior Presales Engineer at STEALTHbits Technologies with over 17 years of professional IT experience and nine years in the regulated insurance and banking industries. Stewart is a highly certified Microsoft expert with a proven track record of driving results for clients of all sizes. He specializes in Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory architecture design, migration, and assessment.
STEALTHbits ProTip: Identifying Active Directory Attacks

STEALTHbits ProTip: Identifying Active Directory Attacks

Identifying Active Directory Attacks Hacking Active Directory is most often associated with the process of elevating domain user access to domain admin access.  Monitoring domain controller events can help identify when this process has started. The first phase of any attack is reconnaissance.  The attacker must learn about the environment to identify high-value targets.  For Active Directory, this starts with LDAP queries. StealthINTERCEPT has built-in policies for monitoring LDAP queries to determine if an attacker has started to map out…

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