Automate Least Privilege Access with Resource-Based Groups

Automate Least Privilege Access with Resource-Based Groups

The success of any Data Access Governance program starts with implementing a resource-based groups provisioning workflow by automating the least privilege access model.

StealthAUDIT 8.0 automates the application of least privilege access control across file systems in bulk and at scale. By converting existing access control lists to a resource-based group security model and revoking excessive privileges, StealthAUDIT programmatically protects data from exfiltration and ransomware.


A Resource-Based Group model is the easiest to manage and most suitable for facilitating entitlement reviews and self-service access requests. Provisioning new groups, populating their memberships, and cleaning up Access Control Lists (ACLs) no longer needs to be an arduous, manual process. StealthAUDIT automates the entire to process to facilitate effective governance.

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