GDPR–A Crash Course

GDPR–A Crash Course

If you find yourself among the minority that is “ready” I congratulate you, as data privacy will no longer stand still for any of us. And those who find themselves among the majority that is not ready, this is a good time to practice the principle of priority.

Exploiting Weak Active Directory Permissions with PowerSploit

Exploiting Weak Active Directory Permissions with PowerSploit

AD Permissions Attack #1: Exploiting Weak Permissions with PowerSploit In the introductory post, we outlined some reasons why attackers may target AD permissions. In this post, we are going to look at specific ways to search for weak permissions. This attack can be perpetrated without any privileges in an environment, so finding these weaknesses is very quick and effective. We will be using a PowerShell framework PowerSploit to perform the reconnaissance and demonstrate just how easy it is to find…

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